Who Cares if Vegetables Seeds Cross Pollinate?
If you are saving seeds to plant in next years garden you do! For example - All squash varieties are outbreeding which means they are insect pollinated. Squashes are divided into 6 different species and different varieties within the same species will cross readily. Crossing however does not occur between the different species. So what in the world does that all mean? O.K. say you plant Buttercup and Hubbard squash in your garden, you carefully save the seeds from each variety and plant them next year. Ouch what is that??... Read more →
New video, wild turkeys
I captured a video showing a flock of more than 30 Wild Turkeys feeding under my songbird feeder and in my front yard. To see click on the word video at the beginning of my other videos on my home page. Read more →
New article on preparing
A new article tells how small things can be done now to make life much easier during any type of emergency. No need to spend a lot of money, just think through your needs in an emergency, and organize what you have and add a few more things to make you more comfortable when you must do without. Read more →
Opened Squash for Seed harvest Fall, the time for preparing!
Here in New England, Fall is the Harvest season when we get ready for the long Winter ahead. There is great satisfaction as each thing we need is stocked up. It is such a great feeling to look into a full cupboard, see a large wood pile or know our fuel tanks are full. Seeds and herbs drying here and there around the house are a delight and bring real security. Learn now to save your own seeds and keep enough for a couple years ahead. Some preparations actually save... Read more →
New video, harvesting dry corn
On Sept 26, 2013 Nan posted a new video to explain how to choose fully mature ears of our dry Flint Corn to harvest and explains the harvesting and drying process. Click your mouse on the word "Videos" in green ink on our homepage to see all our Utube videos. Read more →
New Video about Peppers
On Sept. 13, 2013 Nan posted a new video on The Seed for Security Utube channel. The title is 'Seed Saving California Wonder Peppers'. How to save California Wonder Pepper seeds, make pickled peppers and freeze pepper slices. Read more →
Free Offer
Check our Home page for free offers! Read more →
Our first Grain Collection Millet, an Ancient Grain that's Good for You!
Millet is seldom grown for food in North America, but it is widely grown to eat in the rest of the world. This healthy food crop is easy to grow and prepare for the table at home. Once your soil has warmed up well this grain will grow quickly and be ready in 60 to 90 days. While growing it does not look like a food crop at all. That makes it ideal to plant not only at home but also near a camp or cabin retreat. The... Read more →
About Seed for Security
Be sure to click on the word 'Videos' on the home page and see all our videos. Because my business is small and home based I am able to pay attention to minute details. Many of Seed for Security seeds are grown on our farm. You can not get fresher than that! I harvest, dry and hand pack my seeds. Great care goes into selecting the varieties of seed that I sell. We offer vegetable seeds that will provide protein and calories for any survival situation. All of our seeds... Read more →
Steam Juicer at rest! Grapes in the Steam Juicer!
I made and bottled a batch of mostly Concord grapes into grape juice. This is an easy way to prepare fruit to keep on the shelf. It was still harvest time so I was very busy. Just one of the quart jars is just enough to make a batch of grape jelly later when I will have more time and a hot stove is even more welcome in our kitchen. The night before, I put enough clean jars in the oven, and turned it on in the morning. The... Read more →