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In 2007 I decided to combine my passion for gardening with my experience saving seeds and opened Seed for Security, LLC. We offer non-GMO vegetable seeds that will provide protein and calories for any survival situation.

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This collection features a delightful combination of 5 flavorful, healthful herbs! Tasty basil, soothing lemon balm, aromatic thyme, flavorful sage, and the world's most popular herb, parsley, are all included in this special collection. As always our collections are placed in a vapor proof pouch with a desiccant for long term storage. These open-pollinated, non-GMO favorites can accent the flavors in a variety of dishes

Our Heirloom Herb Collection


These non-hybrid varieties are packed for long-term storage in a vapor proof pouch with a desiccant.



Individual seed packets available in paper envelopes make great additions to any of our collections.



Each of our grains are packed for long-term storage in a vapor proof pouch with a dessicant.


This is the first year I planted you flint corn, it did wonderful in Eastern Washington. I left it on the stock until the middle of November. I wanted to get it in earlier but just could not. By the time I did pick it,our sunshine/sunny days were gone. I put the corn, on the cob, in burlap sacks and hung it in the garage, hoping it would further dry. I took some corn off the stock in October for decorations and brought them into the house. The corn that we brought in the house dented. The corn that is hanging has not dented yet and seems more moist if I try eating a kernel. It is hard but not as hard as the dented corn that was brought into the house. I ground some of the corn on Thanksgiving and it turned out wonderful! Both the corn I used for decoration and the corn I had hung in the garage ground well using my country Living mill. Anyways, I am unsure if the corn in the garage has sufficiently dried yet. How might I be able to tell for sure? Thanks!

Seed for Security Reply

So happy our flint corn grew well for you! It is very reliable! To dry our corn it needs to be open to the air. Dry it on wire racks so air can get to all sides of the ear. You will know when it is dry enough to store when a kernel smashed on concrete with a hammer shatters. If it is mushy at all it needs to be dried further.

What do you use to keep cabbage worms away? Your cabbage is really nice and clean looking. I am in Ohio and they are like plague here. Yes, I can pick the worms off and the birds love them. I get the eggs of course and I like doing this it is part of gardening. There is BT and I have made some home brewed pesticides with some success. I usually have to cover my cabbage with netting but some worms still sneak in. Nice looking garden. Also I have bought a few of your products over the years and they are excellent. I just purchased a little corn from you today. Have a great season. Have always got your name from JWR site.

Seed for Security Reply

Hello Mike,
Oh yes, I am very familiar with cabbage worms. I check my garden every day and when I first notice them I spay with Neem Oil. It is an organic pesticide and it is very effective. Thank you for your kind words. It is always nice to hear from a fellow gardener.
Best Wishes,

This year 2020 I put in my first small garden. I purchased some starter plants and some seeds. Then I remembered I had purchased your survival seeds in 2009. They outdid all of the other plants. I used only two of your varieties, pumpkin and French Horticulture Beans. They both have taken over the rest of the garden. My pumpkins survived squash vine borers (with my help), people can't believe these pumpkins taking over my entire yard are ELEVEN years old! I have eight good sized pumpkins ( deer got two) and I expect there will be even more. Great seeds!

Seed for Security Reply

Thank you Jamie for the fantastic testimonial!


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