Gone Fishing!
I just returned from a delightful fishing trip with my father. My only catch was a tiny fish which I threw back into the brook and Dad didn't even get a bite. Never the less we had a pleasant morning. My father and I have fished together as far back as I can remember. Dad told me today that he started fishing in his family pond at the ripe old age of 5. Dad is now 81 years old. Now that is a lot of fishing experience. If trout are... Read more →
Beans Drying 1 Help! The Grocery Store Shelves are Empty
Think this couldn't happen? Think again. Supermarkets typically have only 3 days of food available. What if delivery was interrupted? This could, of course, be from a natural disaster or from a terrorist attack. The idea is to plan ahead, especially if you are like me and have many mouths to feed. O.K. So what do you do? Do not panic; think! Have at least 4 weeks of food on your shelves. By this I mean canned meats, hearty vegetables such as beans, corn, and some starch. Pasta or rice... Read more →
Herbs 3 Herbs, Teas and Tonics
I grow a wide range of plants to enhance our diet. Hops, St. John's Wort, dandelion, purple cone flower, lemon balm, burdock, thyme, rosemary, dill, parsley, sage, oregano, basil, and many kinds of mint. I also prepare Tonics which are supposed to improve our health, or help fight off disease. I am NOT making any claims that these are real Medicines. They are old fashion traditional ways of dealing with common health problems. Different parts of the plant are used. Sometimes the leaves are collected and dried, or it might... Read more →
Herbs 5 Cottage Industry, and the 'new' Economy
Our Economy is highly specialized. People work at jobs to provide products and services for some small and often distant market. Most of what we buy has come great distances and is a part of International trade. We rely heavily on oil, but don't produce or refine enough for our own country. In tougher times, people had to go back to using what was locally produced. Centuries ago, any imported item was very expensive. Mass production and trade have built huge Economies, bringing us modern conveniences, and paying for... Read more →