Evening Tea
Few people have the luxury of enjoying an evening cup of tea by going out on their deck and collecting a handful of healthful herbs. I have a raised bed off of our deck with a melody of plants including peppermint, spearmint, and lemon balm. I use a little of each to make a delightful after-dinner beverage. These herbs, the experts say, help one to relax and also aid in the digestion of food. Perennial herbs, such as the above mentioned, are easy to grow but can become invasive. I... Read more →
Corn Stalks and Silk Simple Recipes
Nan's favorite Bread and Butter Pickle Recipe- 3 Quarts Cucumbers 1 Quart Sweet Peppers 6 Onions 20 Whole Cloves of Garlic 1/2 cup Pickling Salt Slice the cucumbers , peppers and onions into thin slices. mix with salt and garlic. Cover with ice and let stand for 3 hours under a cloth. Then make pickling solution as follows Bring to boil- 3 cups cider vinegar 4 cups sugar 1 tsp. Tumeric 2 tsp. Celery Seeds 2 Tbsp. Mustard Seeds Drain the water and ice from cucumber mixture and... Read more →
Spelt Bread 2 Making Spelt or Whole Wheat bread
Spelt is a high protein grain, which tastes fairly similar to whole wheat. I have grown the grain here several different years, but I have not found an efficient, home scale way to thresh bushels of it. It is very low in gluten, so it will not rise much with yeast, and some of the people who can't eat wheat, are able to enjoy spelt. Here is my slow cooker recipe for a small loaf of spelt bread. Grind a cup and a half of whole spelt grain... Read more →
Cornbread making 3 Making Cornbread
All freshly ground grains taste much better, and corn is no exception. The natural oils and vitamins are at their peak of perfection. Flavors normally lost in processing give a rich and full bodied aroma. This is how I make fresh cornbread, and bake it in a 'Crock-Pot' or slow cooker. For everyday convenience, I use an electric powered mill to grind the grains, and mix the dough. That takes less than a half hour. Once in the slow cooker, I won't need to check it again for about 3... Read more →