Evening Tea

Few people have the luxury of enjoying an evening cup of tea by going out on their deck and collecting a handful of healthful herbs. I have a raised bed off of our deck with a melody of plants including peppermint, spearmint, and lemon balm. I use a little of each to make a delightful after-dinner beverage. These herbs, the experts say, help one to relax and also aid in the digestion of food. Perennial herbs, such as the above mentioned, are easy to grow but can become invasive. I have acquired many plants including these herbs by bartering with friends. I have a lot of this and they have a lot of that, we both benefit.

My Favorite Tea

A small handful of lemon balm

A small handful of spearmint

A small handful of peppermint

Wash the herbs and place them in a large mug. In the meantime, boil water and pour over the herbs. Let steep for 15mins. I place a small plate on top of the cup. This helps to enhance the flavor.

A cup of tea to you!

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