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Ten years ago I decided to combine my passion for gardening with my experience saving seeds and opened Seed for Security, LLC. We offer non-GMO vegetable seeds that will provide protein and calories for any survival situation.

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Super Survival Pack $75.00 value
Only $60.00 (for a limited time)

The eighteen heirloom varieties that are included in this Super Survival Pack will not cross-pollinate in your garden. This will enable you to save seeds from year to year. There are over 5,500 open-pollinated seeds plus a pint each of Hulless Oats and Winter Rye.

Super Survival Pack Harvest
A selection of harvest from the Super Survival Pack
Flint Indian Corn $9.95 value
Only $7.96 (for a limited time)

Our exclusive Flint Indian Corn keeps excellent germination rates for at least 5-10 years. Our non-GMO corn grinds easily and makes delicious corn bread and muffins.

Flint Indian Corn
Flint Indian Corn


"Greetings! Wanted to write and let you know I am very happy with the great seeds you sent. In my book there is nothing as excellent as purchasing a top self product, and your product is first rate. Appreciate your planting directions and growing info also. The care and effort you all put into this shows. You have a permanent customer for life here. Will be purchasing a few more of your seed in the near future. Please keep up the great work. Look forward to growing and harvesting some toothsome garden delicacies next year!"
"I wanted to let you know I LOVE the quality of seeds I received from you, Probably the best germination I have seen, everything is great. Been gardening for most of my life and the high quality seeds from you guys is bar none the best investment I have made in the garden, It is enough to get a solid large garden going for not very much money, I will be recommending it to all my family friends and clients."
"Hi Nan, I bought your seeds a few years ago and then did not use them because of a time out from gardening. But now we are getting up and going again, and I realized that I always brought you up in conversation over the last 4 years bragging about your way of doing things... how you were the only folks who seemed to have a practical handle on the big picture. I thought I would tell you that... that I have just always been intrigued by your system. I will be pulling out your seeds, so that is going to be fun!"
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Our gallery of 1116 photos with captions show many of the things we do on our small farm. Unless otherwise noted, all of the photos were taken at our farm.


We have 79 short articles describing a wide range of the things we do on our farm. Recipes are included for preparing home grown foods. We have related links at the ends of articles, as well as a separate links page to help you find information quickly, and locate sources for the products we use.

Preventing Starvation; What to Grow, What to Eat.
Our Flint Indian Corn
Harvesting Indian Corn
Four Pounds of Seed = A 1/6 Acre Garden!


Check out our YouTube Channel for informational videos about the goings on at the Seed for Security homestead.

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Harvesting Flint Indian Corn
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