Off to a great start!

Our entire garden is planted and I have been harvesting, lettuce, spinach, dill, broccoli, and beet greens. So far all of our vegetables are doing well. Every day I do a careful inspection checking all plants to be sure there is no insect damage. If there is damage I need to find it right away and correct the problem. If possible I remove the insects by hand but if that is not possible I spray with an organic pesticide. In this manner invading insects can be easily controlled. The perimeter of our entire half acre garden is secured with a ten foot high fence. This keeps white tail deer out. Also there is bent barbed wire and chicken wire, stabilized to the ground, with rocks and tent pegs around the base of the fence. This keeps the burrowing animals from coming in and gobbling up our vegetables. Yesterday I added a new video, "Garden Tour 2020", to show you our vegetable garden. This morning we also added another video, "Flower and Herb Garden". Check them both out to see what we have been up to!