Staying Put!

Life is full of surprises! With this pandemic my family and I are staying home. Thank goodness we are well stocked and we are thankful that delivery people are hard at work. I have been especially busy packing seeds. There are many first time gardeners this year. We had some nice warm weather mid March and were able to till some of our garden and I sowed lettuce, spinach, beets, dill and peas. It looks like almost every seed germinated. Then the weather turned very chilly and we had snow, sleet and even some hail. I am pleased to say the tiny plants have survived and we are hoping for an early crop. Tomorrow is going to be a nice sunny day and I will start hardening my cabbages and broccoli. Next week they will be transplanted into our big garden. This Summer we plan to can and freeze as many vegetables and fruits as possible. A well stocked pantry is worth its weight in Gold!