Gone Fishing!

I just returned from a delightful fishing trip with my father. My only catch was a tiny fish which I threw back into the brook and Dad didn't even get a bite. Never the less we had a pleasant morning.

My father and I have fished together as far back as I can remember. Dad told me today that he started fishing in his family pond at the ripe old age of 5. Dad is now 81 years old. Now that is a lot of fishing experience. If trout are in the brook he will catch them.

Trout is my favorite fish. It has a delicious delicate taste. I usually sprinkle the fish with seasoned bread crumbs and bake in a hot oven. A charcoal fire also works well. The flavor is unforgettable.

Now for the fishing tips that Dad has taught me: Look for a brook with a fast moving current, Know where your bait is, keep your pole tip up and when you get a bite let the fish take it for a bit. I used to count to 10 really fast when I was a little girl before I pulled. This still works well.

Of course you will need permission to fish on private land. Dad and I often fish from bridges or in a State forest near us. My state requires me to get a fishing license every year but Dad has a permanent one because he is a senior citizen. Sometimes it comes in handy to be of a certain age!

For bait we use earth worms ( we call them fish worms) which can be found by digging in rich soil. I have an abundant supply behind my barn.

Hopefully our next fishing trip will be more productive. The last time we went I pulled out a whopper! Either way it is fun just being with Dad in the great out doors.

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