Vernon, Amber, and Amelia

March 23rd, 2015

"Good morning. We received our order just the other day and we are extremely happy with it. We ordered the Garden Security Collection. We plan on ordering several more packs, as our budget permits, for ourselves and possibly for bartering if necessary. My question is in regard to the directions that are included. Are there planting instructions on the packets themselves? I am going to put the directions in a zip lock bag and tape them to the Mylar pack but I was curious about whether the same directions were on the individual packets. Thanks for your help. Have a great day."

Seed for Security Reply

I am very pleased that you are happy with your order. Yes, there are planting instructions for each variety printed on the packets. These include seed sowing, spacing, plant requirements,and maturity estimates. For peppers and tomatoes I have printed detailed instruction on starting the plants indoors. Also there is a Seed Planting Direction Guide inside of your pouch. This is a copy of the one that you received with your order.
Best Wishes,