October 2nd, 2014

"We have had great success with our first ever attempt at gardening. We raised your corn and are now drying it. Can we use a dehydrator?"

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Hello Carl,
Thank you for your e-mail.
When drying Flint Corn the ears should be left on the stalks until completely dry. If weather conditions or animal problems are such, that this is not possible, pick and husk mature ears then dry under shelter. I dry my corn on wire racks. This year I am drying the corn in my garage on 2 large wire racks. It is drying well and saves me the step of carrying outside each sunny day. Just make sure the corn is in a well ventilated space.
The drying should be done at a moderate temperature ( less than 95 degrees F.) The corn should not be removed from the cob until it is completely dry. Corn is ready for storage when the kernels shatter when hit with a hammer on concrete. If they mush at all it is not dry enough.
I would say that a dehydrator might be difficult to use as the corn should remain on the cobs until fully dry. If you decide to use one be sure to keep the temperate less than 95 degrees F.
Happy Gardening,