January 7th, 2013

"We want to store some seeds long term for emergencies. I have a freezer with plenty of room and can nitrogen pack and seal in mylar with desiccant. However,I know nothing about seeds or gardening. The biggest question is what would you recommend for growing in this area? (Note-This customer is from Georgia). Then what mix of seeds for a healthy diet? I am more interested in fewer varieties that are high yield, robust, and nutritious, as opposed to a large variety that would require more space,learning curve and effort. We would intend to feed a couple of large families from the garden. We have plenty of available land, water, natural fertilizers,labor and tools. One concern is that the seeds can be packed in small enough packets to be usable or able to be traded easily. We would retain seeds from the produce, of course. The budget to start would be 2-300 dollars. Over time, we could add variety.

Seed for Security Reply

Thank you for your e-mail. You are wise to grow a garden and learn to save seeds. My seeds should grow well in Georgia. I have many customers from Georgia. Peas, dill and spinach like a cool climate to start therefore I would plant these in the coolest part of your season.The other seeds that we offer do well in a very warm climate. I put a lot of effort into selecting which varieties of seeds to sell. First I sell only open-pollinated, non GMO seeds. Second I want nutritious, tasty, reliable products. For example dry beans and flint corn will give much needed protein in a survival situation. I sell seeds in individual paper envelope. All of my seeds are hand packed and the smallest varieties are place in a glassine before placing in a seed envelope. Detailed planting instructions are printed on each envelope and there is a seed planting guide included with every order. I also offer 4 collections, Our Garden Security Collection, Our Bean Collection,and Our Spring Collection. I have a Garden Variety Collection as well, but that is available only with the Super Survival Pack. All of the varieties of seed in these collections are in paper envelopes that are placed in a vapor proof pouch with a desiccant and heat sealed. I offer 2 types of grain- Winter Rye, and Hulless Oats.These grains are placed in a vapor proof pouch with a desiccant and are sold in a 1 pint measure.I do recommend freezing for the longest term storage. However if your power is out for more than a day remove your seeds from the freezer and do no open the pouches, plastic or glass container. Let the seeds come to room temperature. When the power comes back on put them back in the freezer. I offer a Super Survival Pack which includes all 4 collections and both grains. This pack has 18 heirloom varieties and is approx. 4 pounds of seed. The Super Survival Pack will give you an excellent selection of reliable, nutritious, easy to grow vegetables. None of these varieties will cross-pollinate enabling you to save seeds from year to year.The price for each Super Survival Pack is $75.00 with $10.00 for shipping.
I hope to hear from you soon.

Best Wishes,