August 23rd, 2012

"I have looked at several sites and can say in all honesty; I am confused! Regarding your Super Survival Pack ID-SFS-coo5 for $75.00. How long will the product store? Does one need to put the product in a glass container before storing in the ref.? My understanding is corn can only be stored for 2 years. Since there is corn in the Survival Pack does that mean the pack is only good for 2 years? Sorry for your trouble and thank you in advance for your time."

Seed for Security Reply

The seeds I have selected to put in all our collections have average shelf lives at room temperature of at least 5-7 years. Once properly dried and sealed with a desiccant in a water proof pouch as I do, they are protected from moist air and will last years longer. They are also ready for refrigerator or freezer storage keeping them much longer still. I do not sell onion seeds, parsnip or carrot seeds or seeds or any other crop whose seeds are only good for a year or two. Sweet corn seeds do not last anywhere near as long as dry corn for grinding. Perhaps someone was thinking of sweet corn? In fact, I have seen warnings not to plant hybrid sweet corn seeds which are more than two years old. My Flint Corn seeds keeps for many years at room temperature. I do not sell hybrid of any kind. I have been growing and conducting germination tests annually on our seeds for many many years so I know what keeps and what does not. Instead of asking our readers to take my word for it, I refer them to the International Seed Saving Institute and Suzanne Ashworth's excellent book "Seed to Seed". Links to the ISSI have been on my website for years and I recommended that book for years also. Also regarding corn, look here- http://www.seedforsecurity.com/article.php?articleid=100 I hope I have answered all of your questions. Saving and storing seeds has a lot more to it than most people expect. Please e-mail me again if anything is not clear. Answer from Dennis- I truly want to thank you for your reply. I will be ordering today. Again thanks.