Fresh Seeds

Whether you are planting a garden this year or saving seeds for a future garden you need the freshest seed available. All seeds do have a shelf life and deteriorate over time. Start with recently harvested seed which is the freshest seed available.

When saving seed for long term storage

The seeds that we sell are fresh. Take a look are my garden photos and videos you will see gardening is my passion. I have been gardening under the direction of my grandfather and father for over 50 years. Grandpa taught me how to save seeds. All of our collections and grains are packed in vapor proof pouches with a desiccant. They are freezer ready.

I have written a 4 page seed saving guide. It is full of practical information on saving your own seeds to plant next years garden. The guide is free with the purchase of a Super Survival Collection.

Soon I will begin the cycle of gardening again. I will sow California Wonder Sweet Pepper, and Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage, in flats, under grow lights, in my kitchen. Of course, the seed that I use are from last years harvest. The germinate rate is excellent because it is fresh seed. What joy to see the tiny seedlings pop up! After this long hard Winter it will be especially exciting!