White Proso Millet

SKU SFS-B006 Freezer Ready!

  • This ancient grain is nutritionally superior to many of the today's grains. It contains almost all of the essential amino acids. Millet does not contain gluten so it can be ground into flour and used in gluten free recipes. It has a mild, pleasant taste. This grain needs warm soil to germinate and grows 1' - 4' tall. It is ready to harvest 60-90 days after planting.
  • Serving Suggestions
    Use as a breakfast cereal, grind into flour or eat as tasty sprouts.
  • Contains
    3/4 Pint (~24,000 seeds)
  • Matures in
    60-90 days
1 Pouch: $4.75
2 or more: $10.00

All seed counts are approximate.

We reserve the right to substitute similiar varieties if necessary.