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April 03 2019
Plants Started!

The last week of February I sowed 25 California Wonder Pepper seeds.The plants are now 2" tall and have 4 to 6 leaves each. They are a nice dark green color.I also started 4 pots of Moss Curled Parsley. Parsley germinates slowly taking at least 2 weeks so I start it early. Also I sowed 12 Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage seeds. Those plants are now 4" tall with 6 to 8 leaves. Beautiful plants! A week ago I sowed 25 Beef Steak Tomato seeds and they are just popping through the soilless mix. All these plants are under grow lights in my kitchen where I can keep a good eye on them. They need to be watered when the soil is dry and fertilized with every third watering. I keep the lights as low to the plants as possible without touching.This provides good strong stems instead of leggy ones. I can not wait until I set my plants out in my garden. It will be a while though as we still have some piles of snow here.