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April 03 2019
Plants Started!

The last week of February I sowed 25 California Wonder Pepper seeds.The plants are now 2" tall and have 4 to 6 leaves each. They are a nice dark green color.I also started 4 pots of Moss Curled Parsley. Parsley germinates slowly taking at least 2 weeks so I start it early. Also I sowed 12 Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage seeds. Those plants are now 4" tall with 6 to 8 leaves. Beautiful plants! A week ago I sowed 25 Beef Steak Tomato seeds and they are just popping through the soilless mix. All these plants are under grow lights in my kitchen where I can keep a good eye on them. They need to be watered when the soil is dry and fertilized with every third watering. I keep the lights as low to the plants as possible without touching.This provides good strong stems instead of leggy ones. I can not wait until I set my plants out in my garden. It will be a while though as we still have some piles of snow here.

January 18 2019
Winter months!

So far we have had lots of cold weather but very little snow this Winter. I have been busying myself inside near my warm wood stove. It is here on the kitchen table that I pack and ship my seeds. Soon our grow lights will be set up and plants for next Spring's garden will be started. The seed cycle is repeated each year. This enables you to get the freshest seed possible.

July 09 2018
Summer Sauerkraut!

I have a new video up demonstrating how to make a batch of sauerkraut at home. We have so many Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbages that we decided to make some sauerkraut.Take a look at the video and perhaps try your hand at making some!

June 13 2018
Good Year!

I am very pleased with my garden this year. The weather has been cooperating nicely. Just enough rain to keep the plants thriving.As usual almost every corn and bean seed germinated.Last year I had hard luck with my cucumbers. I was invaded with cucumber beetles and could not get ahead of them. This year I am using Neem Oil to control them. So far it has done the trick.I plan to make many batches of Bread and Butter Pickles as I am down to my last jar.Our strawberries are beginning to ripen. We have a lot of trouble with birds eating them in years past. This year I purchased some row cover cloth and placed it over the plants.We used some rocks to hold the sides of the cloth down. It is working very well.

April 02 2018
All seedlings have sprouted!

Last week I sowed 30 Beefsteak Tomato seeds and several pots of Basil.This morning I checked and the little seedling are peeking through the soiless mix. Such a happy site. I will now remove the plastic film, which makes sort of a little temporary greenhouse, and place the seedlings very close to a grow light.My Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbages,Broccoli,and California Wonder Peppers plants are growing rapidly.The cabbage and broccoli seeds were sown about 5 weeks ago and will be set out in the garden as soon as the soil can be worked.These plants will take a light frost. The tomato, pepper and basil plants freeze readily and must be planted when the soil has throughly warmed.

January 15 2018
Winter Chores!

Last week I finished shucking my last half bushel of beans. These are some of the beans that were harvested from last years garden. Most will be sold but some will be reserved for next years planting.We are enjoying the canned vegetables and fruit that we put up last Summer. Next month I will be sowing cabbage, broccoli and pepper seeds. I start them in my kitchen under grow lights. By keeping them close by I can keep a watchful eye on them. Spring will be here before you know it but for now we sit by our wood cook stove well fed and warm.

August 01 2017

It is now mid Summer and we have been eating out of our garden for quite some time now. The first crop of spinach was a great success and I was able to freeze some for Winter months. I planted a second crop of beets about a month ago and they are growing well. The first crop are ready to eat and can. My family loves pickled beets.Yesterday I dug 4 hills of new potatoes. I cooked some for dinner last night and they were beyond delicious!!

July 22 2017

Every morning I check my garden. What am I looking for? Bugs!!This growing season has been especially wet so bugs are multiplying rapidly.Some are beneficial like the sweet little lady bug but most are in competition for my food. I hand pick what I can and use an organic insecticide spray where I can not hand remove.Recently I made my own natural insecticide recipe. I added a half cup cooking oil, 1 level tsp. of cayenne pepper, and the rest of a quart spray bottle with slightly warm water.This needs to be shaken well. I was amazed to see how well it worked.

May 01 2017
Garden under way!

Two weeks ago I planted started cabbage and broccoli plants in our garden. They are growing nicely. Today I will work the soil around them and add a little more fertilizer. I also sowed lettuce, spinach, dill, beets and potatoes. The lettuce, spinach and beets are coming up nicely. No sign of the potatoes yet. When they start to pop though the soil I will bring more soil around them. Eventually there will be a mound of soil around each potato plant. Still in my kitchen, under grow light,are our tender vegetables. I have 30 tomato plants and 23 pepper plants.These will be hardened off and then planted when all danger of frost has passed. We plan to can lots of tomato juice and whole tomatoes this year.

March 24 2017
Starting Plants!

This week, the first week of March, I will be starting my pepper and cabbage plants. I have the seedling mix, pots, table and grow lights set up in a corner of the kitchen. All I need to do is sow my seeds and wait until the magic happens. Little seedlings popping up! Very exciting. At the end of this month I will sow my tomato seeds.

October 06 2016
Our Flint Indian Corn

We had a fantastic harvest of Flint Indian Corn this year. The weather cooperated beautifully.In years past we placed our corn on racks outside to fully dry. Unfortunately many squirrels and chipmucks helped themselves to a good meal. Even my German Shepherd could not stop them. Now we set up racks in the garage which works well. All of our corn is now dry and ready to be sold.You talk about fresh seed. Well it does not get fresher than this!

July 29 2016
Bread & Butter Pickles

The first canning of the season began yesterday when 14 pints of Bread & Butter pickles made it into mason jars. My family loves this recipe and I needed to replenish last years supply.You can find this recipe in one of my videos on Seed for Security site.

July 18 2016
Summer time!

It is a wonderful time of the year. Every night I go to sleep hearing birds sing and I wake to the same sweet chorus. Also my garden is full of delicious vegetables. I am now harvesting lettuce, green beans, beets, beet greens,cabbage, broccoli,summer squash,and peppers. This years Beefsteak Tomatoes are sensational as is our Flint Indian Corn. We have 30 Beefsteak Tomato plants and they are huge! In mid May I planted 12 80 foot rows of Flint Indian Corn. It has grown taller than I am and has begun to tassel.Life is good!

May 14 2016
Garden progress!

A couple of weeks ago I set out my Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage plants. They are doing nicely. We are looking forward to some fine coleslaw. I also sowed spinach, lettuce, dill, and beets.The lettuce appeared in about 5 days with the spinach and beets popping up in about 10 days. The dill was a little slower to germinate. It is now after a couple of weeks growing well.Every day I go out to my garden to see the progress. It is so exciting! I do not think there is any place I would rather be than in my garden.

March 18 2016
Plants started!

Last week I sowed cabbage,broccoli,pepper and parsley seeds.Two days ago the cabbage and broccoli seedlings were peeking through the soiless mix.Now they are about 1 " tall and are under grow lights. The peppers and parsley are much slower to germinate.I will watch closely and remove the plastic covering from them as soon as they germinate.The plastic keeps in moisture enabling the seeds to germinate.In a few days I will sow some my Beefsteak Tomato seeds.It is very exciting to watch new growth.Just think of the quantity of food one of these tiny seeds is capable of producing!

December 31 2015
Shucking Beans!

Today we had our first snow of the Winter.I have been sitting by my wood stove shelling beans.I fondly remember the times I had with my grandparents sitting on their front porch shucking beans.There was plenty of time for some good conversation. I learned a lot from them. It has been unusually mild here in Southern New England. In fact, I have been harvesting lettuce and spinach from my garden up until yesterday. What a delight to pick vegetables this time of the year.

September 09 2015
Canning, freezing and drying!

All Summer long I have been busy putting up food. I have canned many quarts of vegetables, fruit, pickles and relishes. Some of which I have entered in County Fairs.That is a lot of fun!The last part of August I planted a second crop of lettuce and spinach. It has been very dry here so that needs to be watered twice a day.My dill and millet have been harvested when totally dry. I seperated the dill seed from the plant and stored it in a cool dry location.That is seed to sell. The millet will simply be given to my chickens to eat. You should hear them cackle when they get it.Yesterday I harvested my first bushel of Flint Indian Corn. Much more to come!!

July 05 2015
Now Harvesting!

The garden has been a challenge this year. First we had a long dry spell followed by many excessive rains. One of the downpours was like a cloud burst! This meant many of my small seeds,that had not yet sprouted, were washed away. So I replanted again and again. Finally all is well and the crops are growing nicely. Unfornately so are the weeds. I spend many hours a day in my garden. Sometimes losing track of time. I enjoy being out doors and love to hear the birds singing. I am presently harvesting broccoli,cabbage,lettuce,peas,dill,beets and spinach.

July 02 2015
Now Seed for Security is an LLC!

Recently Seed for Security has become an LLC. This is just a change in the legal name of my business. There are no other changes in my day-to-day operations. I continue to grow, process and ship seeds and my son volunteers to serve as webmaster. Seed for Security, LLC will continue to offer free homesteading articles, photos, and videos as well as new products in the coming years just as we have been doing since 2007.

April 18 2015
Garden started!

My first crops are planted! Usually I plan to get my peas, spinach,beets,lettuce,onions and dill planted by April 1st. This year the soil was too wet so I had to wait for a couple of weeks.There are still small piles of snow near our garden gate. We had a bitterly cold snowy Winter. Spring has never been more welcome! I also set out my cabbage, broccoli and brussel sprouts plants. They are doing well. Yesterday there were many showers around. The rain was just perfect for freshly set out plants.In a couple of weeks I will sow more beet,spinach,dill and lettuce seeds. This enables us to have tasty salads for quite some time.

March 21 2015
Plants started!

The end of February I started my California Wonder Peppers, Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage, and Moss Curled Parsley.The seeds were sown in pots using a soilless germinating mix.They have come up nicely. I have 2 grow lights set to almost touch the tiny plants. Having the grow lights very close to the plants makes the plants have strong sturdy stems. Next week I will start my Beefsteak Tomato plants.This cycle of plant, grow, and harvest keeps us in a steady supply of the freshest seeds.

March 02 2015
Red Winged Black Birds!

The month of February was incredibly cold and lots of snow too. Usually by now the Red Winged Blackbirds have returned from down South. Not this year. I told a friend of mine that if they come back now they will need boots and snow shovels! I can not wait to hear their song!

January 06 2015

The temperature was 12 degrees this morning. Plenty cold! A good day to stay close by my stove while I work. Latter this afternoon I will roast a turkey in my kitchen wood stove. Life is good!

November 19 2014
Late Harvest!

It is the middle of November and I have just harvested my turnips and beets. I scrubbed them with a brush using plenty of cool water.They are being stored in my refrigerator. I boil,roast or use my turnips in stews.The beets will be boiled or roasted. A sweet nutritious treat for Winter!

October 05 2014
Canning done!

Finally all of our canning is done for the year. It was a great year for so many vegetables.Our jars are full!! We still have turnips, beets, spinach, lettuce and dill growing for a nice Fall crop.

September 06 2014
Woodstock Fair!

I decided to enter our Beefsteak Tomatoes, California Wonder Peppers, Sugar Pie Pumpkins and Provider Green Beans in the Woodstock Fair. Woodstock CT is a town which borders on our town of Union.This Fair was founded in 1809 in Pomfret CT. It has 50 areas of fair grounds and welcomed 175,000 people this year. It is always held on Labor Day week-end. I was delighted to get three first prize ribbons and one second. My cousin, who also entered, won a first prize for her chestnuts and a second for tomatoes. Next year she plans to enter Black Walnuts. What Fun!!

August 19 2014
Canning, Drying, and Freezing!

Summer is such a busy time of the year. I began my canning this year with 25 pints of Bread & Butter Pickles. Two days ago 11 quarts of stewed tomatoes went into the jars. Many more tomatoes are slated to be canned. We like Tomato juice and Salsa as well as stewed tomatoes. They say that tomatoes are very healthy for you I know they taste delicious! Tomorrow I will be harvesting beets to make Pickled Beets. My grandma had a great pickled beet recipe and that is the one that I use. Her recipe is included in our article section of our site. I am also freezing green beans and peppers. Our Bouquet Dill seeds are dry so that is also part of my harvest.

July 04 2014
Now Harvesting!

Our garden has been producing food for quite some time now. We have been enjoying broccoli,cabbage,peppers,lettuce, spinach and beet greens. I froze 5 meals of broccoli so far. The corn and tomatoes are looking wonderful! I had to replant our cucumbers as cut worms cut many of my first plants off. I dug around the cucumbers and found the worms. They are no longer a problem!

April 25 2014
Planting Day!

Today, I will set out my Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage plants, they were started inside the end of February. Every day for about a week I have been hardening the plants by putting them outside during the day for increasing amounts of time. That way they will be acclimated to outside weather. Cabbage can take a light frost and here in New England nights can be a bit frosty this time of year. I will also plant lettuce, spinach, beets, dill and peas. These vegetables thrive on cool temperatures.

April 01 2014
Planting Tomatoes!

Today, I will be sowing my Beefsteak Tomato seeds.I start my tomato seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost date. Several weeks ago I started Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage, California Wonder Peppers and Parsley seeds. Those plants are now ready to transplant into 3"X3" pots. Pepper and Parsley seeds take longer to germinate than tomatoes or cabbage.Tomatoes and peppers are very frost sensitive but cabbage and parsley can take a light frost. All of these factors must be keep in mind when starting seeds.

January 15 2014
Busy Winter!

It has been a very busy Winter. Between packing and shipping orders I have shucked the last of Grandpa Neffs beans and am in the process of extracting the corn kernels from our Flint Corn. I have finished my germination tests for this season and am happy to say they far surpass government standards. Fresh seed is the key to the longest viability possible. Next month I will be starting pepper, cabbage, and eggplant under grow lights in my kitchen. About the third week of March I will start my Beefsteak Tomatoes. What a thrill seeing the little seedlings pop up.

November 28 2013
New video, wild turkeys

I captured a video showing a flock of more than 30 Wild Turkeys feeding under my songbird feeder and in my front yard. To see click on the word video at the beginning of my other videos on my home page.

November 18 2013
New article on preparing

A new article tells how small things can be done now to make life much easier during any type of emergency. No need to spend a lot of money, just think through your needs in an emergency, and organize what you have and add a few more things to make you more comfortable when you must do without.

September 26 2013
New video, harvesting dry corn

On Sept 26, 2013 Nan posted a new video to explain how to choose fully mature ears of our dry Flint Corn to harvest and explains the harvesting and drying process. Click your mouse on the word "Videos" in green ink on our homepage to see all our Utube videos.

September 26 2013
New Video about Peppers

On Sept. 13, 2013 Nan posted a new video on The Seed for Security Utube channel. The title is 'Seed Saving California Wonder Peppers'. How to save California Wonder Pepper seeds, make pickled peppers and freeze pepper slices.

June 01 2013
Free Offer

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May 18 2011

We've received many kind words over the years, and we're ready to share! On the home page, right under our Featured Products, is a list of some of the great testimonials we've had the pleasure of reading. As always, let us know your thoughts here.

February 13 2011
New Layout

We've made some upgrades to the layout of the website. We've moved advertisements out of the body of articles, and into a less-intrusive side bar. We've tested on the major browsers, and everything looks good. As always, let us know if you have any questions of concerns about the new look and feel here

November 05 2010
Problems with seedforsecurity.com

We've recently been experiencing some problems with our hosting provider that caused the website to be slow, and in some cases produce cryptic errors. Thanks for your patience. The problems have been fixed and we're back in full production. As always, please feel free to Contact us in case of any issues you encounter with the website.

October 04 2009
YouTube Channel

SeedforSecurity has set up a YouTube account with our very first video: Pesto - An Instructional Video. You can subscribe to our channel to get our latest videos. Check it out here

May 28 2009
New Layout for the Home Page

We've made some changes to the layout of the homepage as well as some improvements to the way the navigation bar works. The homepage now includes a more complete story of our business and our philosophy. The website has grown considerably these past couple of years, so we've sorted the articles and links into categories for easy navigation. As always, please contact us with any questions or comments here.

March 05 2009
Faster Loading for Photos

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April 29 2008
New Search Feature

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February 13 2008
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December 19 2007
Now Taking Orders

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October 21 2007
New Gallery Features

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October 21 2007
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July 31 2007

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July 23 2007
New Look and Feel

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July 22 2007
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July 22 2007
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