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Perennial food crops

By Nan

May 25, 2011

Once you have your place to garden or homestead, there are a number of kinds of food you can harvest from beds or plantings which are relatively permanent. For example, I have been cutting asparagus shoots for weeks now, and the rhubarb is ready as well.

Asparagus, just picked!
Freshly picked Rhubarb

Dandelions grow wild in our lawn and fields, but if they did not we could establish a small bed just for them. You could do the same for Cow Slips if you have an area wet enough. I grow strawberries in a garden bed.

Like rhubarb, small areas of Horseradish grow well. These are seasonal treats, or great to make condiments. Jerusalem Artichokes need an isolated bed, so they do not take over a large area. They are the only starchy vegetable in this group. After a few years, you may take cuttings or transplant new plants from near these crops. to share with friends and neighbors or establish more plantings of your own. It is great to have these minor harvests to look forward too. They go a long way to make our diet more interesting.!

Rhubarb plant in flower stage
Rhubarb plant still bearing

My old bed of Horseradish
Young Horseradish transplant