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Harvesting Indian Corn

By Nan

September 28, 2010

Be sure to stop by our "Videos" and watch "Harvesting Flint Indian Corn at Seed for Security".

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Corn Stalks and Silk
Corn mid June 2010
Young Flint corn

Our corn is ripe for the harvest. I began collecting dry ears three days ago. Around October 7th is my usual harvest date but this year the crops are about one and a half weeks early. How do you know when the corn is ready? The stalks will be brown and you can hear them rustling in the wind. Just pick ears that are on completely brown stalks,if there is still green on the stalk leave it a little longer. Often ears that are ready to be picked will turn upside down. After you have picked the corn husk it.The husks make good mulch or bedding for livestock.

Corn drying rack 3
Corn drying rack 2
Corn drying rack 1

Next put the corn in baskets and bring inside. Do not put it in a barn or other structure that mice can get to. The following step is very important, the corn still needs to be dried farther. I put mine on wire racks in the sun. Lay each cob out so air can get to all sides. Each evening before the dew falls collect the corn and bring it in again. Put the corn out on the racks every sunny day until it is completely dry. Usually two weeks is enough time. Of course, It depends on the weather.

Indian Corn
Drying corn on the cobs
Flint Corn drying in the sun

Now that the corn is dry it needs to be removed from the cob. You can either twist the cob by holding the opposite ends of an ear or there are shelling devices available. I use gloves when removing the corn from the cob.

Shelling Corn 3
Shelling Corn 2
Shelling Corn 1

This corn can be ground for corn meal. We have many healthy hardy recipes. It is very flavorful and they say full of vitamins and minerals. Most of our corn is sold for seed though. I am happy to say that we have an excellent crop this year.

With the wide variety of gorgeous hues Indian corn is fun to harvest. Every ear is a surprise of color. It is a happy time!