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Corn Bread Sticks

By Nan

January 15, 2019

For Christmas in 2018 I received a cast iron pan for making corn bread. The bottom is shaped like 5 little ears of corn which come out of the pan like bread sticks. There are other styles of corn bread pans to make various shapes and you can just use a hot oven safe frying pan. During the Winter while our wood cooking stove is going is a perfect time to bake corn biscuits and now I can make corn bread sticks too. A hot oven around 400 degrees is best for baking a thin and crispy corn bread. I spooned the batter fairly evenly into the pan about ten minutes before supper would be done and they were hot and ready to serve with the meal.

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Corn Sheller Setup
Corn Bread Sticks

My recipe is simple. Add enough very hot water to the freshly ground corn meal and mix to form a thick batter. Let the hot water soak into the corn meal for an hour or so to soften it. Then preheat the cast iron pan and generously add cooking oil or grease to coat all of the surface. Add the batter and put into a hot oven about 10 minutes before your meal will be ready. Corn bread is best immediately after cooking.