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Our Colossal Security Pack
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Flint Indian Corn
Late corn for grinding and making succotash
1/2 pint - Approx. 960 seeds
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Our Own Flint Indian Corn

By Nan

April 7, 2014

The corn that we sell at Seed for Security, was bred here on our farm years ago, before GMO seeds were available. Our farm is surrounded by tall mature hardwood forest land. Our corn germination rate is 95% this year. Every year I grow more corn to have a steady fresh supply of seed.

Corn and Beans!
Late June Corn 2014
Our Flint Indian Corn

According to Suzanne Ashworth, in her book Seed to Seed, Flint corn will retain a high germination rate for up to 10 years and sometimes much longer.

This corn, when ground into meal, makes delicious corn bread, pancakes and muffins.

Flint corn is not difficult to grow or harvest. No wonder it has been a life sustaining crop for centuries.

Some of our 2014 Harvest
Second corn drying rack
One of two corn drying racks